About Me

I grew up in south Jersey, and although I always loved drawing, my own artistic style really began to coalesce under the watchful eye of Carol Schuenamann, our very talented and larger-than-life high school art teacher. Carol was the driving force behind much of my early art-education, including classes at Perkins Center for the Arts as well as Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.


My experiences at Moore introduced me to real professional artistry, and challenged me on to find my place in an infinite sea of talented artists.


It was here I discovered my love Impressionism and Surrealism, although my own pieces tend toward realism. I also pursued more sculptural works as well.


From there, I went on to receive my Bachelors of the Arts degree from Rutgers University's Camden College of Arts and Sciences, and the academic program at Rutgers Camden Honors College.


I thought I always wanted remain a "classical" artist, to be a purist, if you will... but my path took a turn my last senior at Rutgers, when I took a course with Juliette Cezzar, and was granted an internship at a small graphic design firm. I felt like I found my niche.


Upon graduation, I took a job at a print manufacturer, as their in-house graphic artist. This work eventually transitioned into being the full time designer for Southwestern Fundraising within their savings card division. 


Now I work independently, and it is a delight to work with so many different clients and their unique projects. Over 10 years in graphic design, I can still honestly say I love this job!