Fine Art Projects

Graphic Design is both a passion and a profession, but I greatly enjoy multimedia projects. Most of my drawings are done in either pencil or charcoal. 



Blue Baby

Acrylic on paper. An exercise in tonal variations, modeled after a magazine cover.



The Snow Pony

Charcoal on craft paper. With his winter fur full and fluffy, this pony's dark caught each white snowflake in bright contrast.



House Drawings

Pencil on linen paper. Several clients have requested a series of drawings of their homes. farms and land.



Britton's Ford

Charcoal on craft paper. An avid collector of all sorts of treasures, our neighbor "Cap" Britton's Ford pickup was a delightful find, nestled in the trees behind an old barn.


Family Portrait

Pencil on bristol paper. A family portrait re-drawn from a beloved photograph.



Violin Pitcher

Double fire-glazed clay. Inspired by the curved lines of a viloin, this water pitcher has carved inlays in a bamboo design.