*I recently picked up a hardcopy of Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding by David Aire (2019). It's a visually beautiful book, as well as a thoughtful, insightful reading. One of the quotes in the early part of the book struck me...


"Design has to work. Art does not."

- Donald Judd


These words rattled around in my head for weeks. What does it mean to be an artist - and is that fundamentally different than being a designer? Can I view myself as an artist/designer, or are those parts of me cleaved apart by function and purpose?  Maybe. But maybe not. I am quite literally nobody in light of Donald Judd, so my two cents are just that. But it is possible that design is art, but working art? Art that labors to bring beauty to the otherwise mundane or tedious? What do you think? Are Designers Artists? If you have a minute, comment below and let me know what role you think Designers play in the world of Art, if any, or if Designers are of a different sort.




- tara


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